Saturday, January 30, 2010

lazy Saturday

So, we started our lazy morning eating buttermilk pancakes, blueberry pancakes, sausage, and orange juice. We all sat at the table together and I just enjoyed every minute...knowing that you can't go anywhere is sometimes wonderful.
I got out more of my old Barbies and all their clothes for Olivia and we played Barbies...then for a little excitement. Logan comes running into Olivia's room telling me that Carson is eating medicine. Sure enough...he got into my Synthroid and ate 10 tablets. We were able to gag him, and he threw half of them up. Called poison control and they said to watch him closely over the next 2-3 days and make sure he doesn't encounter a thyroid storm. My kids will be the death of me. I think there has been enough excitement for an entire year all in one week.
Olivia wanted to make sure Nana saw her Barbie pictures and her snow pictures, so when you read this Nana you better call and tell her you have seen her pictures.
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Friday, January 29, 2010


Ice storms are not as much fun when you are a nurse and have to be at work and calling in is not an option. I worked last night but was able to get home this morning, just had to drive really slow. So glad I am stuck at home and not at the hospital. I came home this morning slept, then got up and cleaned bathrooms, baked cookies, made homemade pizza, and everyone bathed. And sleeping.....Quiet as a mouse here.
The kids helped with the pizzas. They had a blast and they were quite yummy too. Here are a few pictures of our ice storm.
We were supposed to have our couples study at our house tonight. We will have to reschedule again. I don't think anyone could make it down our street. The mailman parked on the other street and walked through all the yards to deliver our mail. I felt so sorry for him in this freezing weather.
The kids are itching to go outside and play. I prayed with them that it will snow tonight as well. We have had dutings but nothing to play in. We are iced in, not snowed in. Ice is no fun for little ones to play in. Maybe tomorrow....
I was at work this morning and saw my phone blinking with a new message. It was an update from Jenna, a missionary helping at the House of Hope for several months. She said Leia is an eater. She is still about 9.5lbs and is drinking 4oz at a time. That is a ton. Overindulging. She seems to be doing well and is healthy. She is changing so much. Our papers are filed and we just sit and wait. At this point there is nothing anyone can do to make this process any faster, except pray that God will be with us every step of the way and to take whatever glitches may come. We love her so much. I cannot wait to get my hands on her. It is like when Logan was in the NICU, I couldn't hold him even though I had just given birth to him. It is the same with Leia.
Please remember and pray for all the families who are waiting to travel and who are waiting for referrals. Holly and Trena and all the staff at the House of Hope need our continual prayer that they will have the guidance that they need to help all these moms and babies out there. They are trying to see the path that God is directing them with the registration process, but sometimes things are so hard to see, and we don't know what we are supposed to do. Are we doing this because we think this is God's will, or are we making something happen and thinking it is God's will. I think that is a struggle for so many. Prayer, Faith, and His unfailing Word will guide us.
I have talked with Laura, one of the moms that has just returned with her daughter. She told me that the House of Hope needs light blankets, light weight sleepers, little baby hats, and a few other things. I am working on a post next week that hopefully will have some more specific things, as I have also emailed Jenna and have asked her to send me a list of items needed. My thought is, His Hands struggles ever month to make ends meet that maybe some everyday necessities that I can bring or purchase for them will lighten the burden a little. More to come on this.
I also posted a Fundraiser Challenge on the His Hands Facebook wall. Please, donate $5.00 or more to the cause if you can. If you can run through Sonic or rent a few movies then you can help care for the orphans and these mothers who have chosen to give birth instead of kill their unborn child. More to come on Fundraisers for His Hands. Several of us adopting through His Hands are working on different things.
Everyone have a family, fun-filled weekend...and be careful and stay warm.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My babies

So, my mom and I loaded the kids up to take Logan back to the Er today. We were there all day. He screamed all morning that his tummy was hurting and was unable to go potty. They tell us he's constipated. Um....okay. Most regular little boy I know. You think maybe it's because he swallowed a toy that we have not seen come out. Anyways...maybe I will have a better outlook on things tomorrow after I have had some sleep, provided Carson allows for me to sleep unlike last night.
Mid-morning I received these photos of Leia. I think they are my favorite so far. No update to go along with them. They were taken last week by either Holly or Trena and they sent them this morning. Hoping to hear our papers were filed soon.
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Scared me to death

So, I was at work last night just admitting a patient when David calls me frantic, which he never is. He tells me Logan woke up trying to cry and gasping for air. David GRABS him out of bed, and performs the HEIMLICH. No success. Logan wheezing, gasping, and gagging. He acts like he is going to puke and is trying to gag but cannot breathe. After several minutes of this David, he is crying and gasping so David calls me. And, yes we have now established that you call 911 and me later. Hindsight for David. I could hear Logan in the background trying to gasp and crying a bit. Told him to put him in the car as long as he was breathing and get to the hospital. By the time they were on the road Logan was acting better. Meanwhile, I am at work and a basket case. I am so glad my mom was at the house last night. She was spending the night so she could watch the kids this morning after I got off of work. If she hadn't been there I would have called 911 for David because it would have taken him forever to get the kids out the door. David got to Childrens, went straight in. They did an xray, and the little toy must be plastic. By the way, when Logan waas coughing and crying and trying to calm down from the choking episode he tells David he swallowed a car, a green car. Well it must be plastic, because you couldn't see it on xray. They then made him drink juice and then eat crackers. He did okay with that just lots of burping. Told me there was only one other place in the intestines where it can get stuck and to just watch him closely. So, we came home. I wanted him to sleep with me so I could hear him breathing, but he would have no such thing. He kept telling me he wanted to sleep in his own bed. So, we left our door open and he was fast asleep. I went in there like 12 times to check on him. He just woke up and is a bit cranky, bue he is probably super tired since he went to sleep at 2:00am.
Talk about a heart stopping phone call to hear your baby choking and you not there to do a thing about it. Then I was freaking out because David was driving him by himself. But David held him while he drove, yes I know illegal but when it's your baby you do what you think is best. I was a basket case, I am sure my co-workers can tell you my state.
We will see how he does during the day. i may be taking him to the clinic, just to m ake me feel better.
Still no news from Taiwan.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Why, of why, are my children always atrocious on Mondays? I think they have acted the worst today that they ever have. Let's see...Logan pushed Carson off the couch deliberately. Carson now has a large goose egg on his forehead. They have disobeyed just about everything I have told them today, including Olivia, which is rare for her. Then 10 minutes later they can act like sweet little Angels. Logan took his afternoon nap with me, I have to work tonight so not a nap of luxury, held my hand and kissed it and kept telling me he loved em over and over. "And Mommy sleep good," Logan said.
Perfect example Olivia just came screaming down the hall because Logan slapped her on the face because he wanted her scarf. WHAT DO I DO? They are driving me to insanity.
I pray that our papers are filed tonight while I am working. Hopefully we will be assigned a court date very soon and we can travel very soon.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Group Shot

Leia is to the far left with her buddy Maren

Leia is to left with her buddy Maren and Jake

Yesterday I sent an email to Jenna, a volunteer from Canada that is doing missionary work with Holy and Trena. She is the one who will be sending us updates about Leia. I emailed her and introduced ourselves to her and invited her to follow us on our blog. She sent me an email this morning and said that she did not have our email address prior to that and was not prepared with what is usually the content of updates regarding Leia. She sent a couple of pictures. Leia now weighs 9.79lbs, gets up once to twice per night, loves her bottle and paci, and seems to be very easy going.
We also received an email from Holly and Trena. They did receive all of our papaerwork, but had lots of paperwork to complete on their end once they received our paperwork before they can file for a court date. They plan to, Lord-willing, file for a court date on Tuesday. The verse of the day listed on my blog is Matthew 7:7-8. It is very timely for what I am feeling right now. So, please pray with us for a speedy process to go get our baby girl. I was doing well at first, but the more pictures I see, the more she has changed. She is 5 weeks old already and we have not even begun the real waiting process that is totally not in our control. I go to work and there are people who waited 10 or less months for a baby, some not even wanting that baby. And we have waited over a year and she is still not in my arms. It makes me very sad. People all around me are pregnant, and with each day it becomes harder for me. Logan even tells me we need to bring her home because she is all by herself somewhere. He doesn't understand that she is being taken care of, because everyone he knows that helps take care of him doesn't have Leia. Hopefully there will be more pictures soon, but for today Group shots it is, and I am happy it's a group shot instead of no shot.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just a Day

Just a Day at the Raboin House. Olivia loves to dress up everyday. This is a new outfit that John and Heather got her for her birthday. Logan, you can tell by the mischief in his eyes, loves to aggravate and annoy her. Caron, oblivious to this all as he eats his lunch.
Still no news from Taiwan. Even David is anxious! He asks me everyday when he gets home if we have heard anything. I hope and pray they have filed our papers for a court date. Please pray for the families that are waiting for travel dates, as one is experiencing some diffifculty with AIT. Also, continue to pray for our finances for this adoption and that the process moves very quickly. We are so anxious for Leia to be home.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lots of Projects

So, we had a little outing today and went to Hobby Lobby. Olivia is in some serious need of new hair bows. She has outgrown hers. So, we bought some really cute ribbon. Planning on a little bow making get together with Nicole on Friday afternoon. Plan to make Olivia new bows and some for Leia as well.
I am going to start Leia's baby quilt that matches all of the new bedding and accessories that I bought the girls back in the summer. Their room is going to be so cute. Then I am making some updated boutique style blanket and burp cloths. They are too cute. When the girls' room is finished I will be making my way to the boys' room to finish off the updated decor in their. I have gotten some really cute ideas from a couple of books. All these projects and not enough time. My mom and I are going to start planning one Saturday a month that is project day. Some of the things I can get done with the kids, while other projects are near impossible. So, we will see how fast things start moving along.
Along with those projects I want my entire house to be reorganized and cleaned out. Guess maybe it is time for another yard sale come spring. RheaLana's is the last week of February, beginning of January. Planning on getting a Head start on that. Thankfully everything divided just need to tag everything.
Still no news on the adoption side of things. Please keep praying for us.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wedding Music

Hope everyone takes time to remember their Valentine and why you love them so much. Just thought I wouls share with you a few of the songs that were sang and played at our wedding and reception, these are only a few. Maybe they will cause you to think of your sweety while you listen and read my blog. Happy Valentine's Day!! And no need to wait and celebrate til February 14, start now and celebrate everyday.


One of my friends that I have met throught this adoption is in Taiwan with her husband getting their little girl. Laura posted this picture to facebook this morning. I was in shock. I hardly recognized Leia. I thought it was her but then I second guessed myself. She has changed so much in such little time. I was completely speechless as I looked at her picture this morning. It made me so sad that I hardly, if that, even recognized her. She needs to slow down the changes and wait for mommy and daddy to come get her. Oh, how I fervently pray that day is very soon.
Many I asked if we have heard anything, and we have not. I know our papers have arrived at their destitation through the USPS tracking. I hope they have been picked up and filed but have no news of either. Just hope and faith.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Praying and Dreaming

Dreaming of the day we will finally be united with Leia and be able to hold her close and kiss her. Praying that Holly and Trena are able to file our papers tonight and that we will be granted a court date very soon and that we will be assigned a favorable judge that will make this all happen super fast. Not too many requests, uhh??? I can pray for them all though.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthday Parties

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TECO papers in Hand

Our TECO papers arrived in Taiwan and were signed this morning at 9:53. YAY!! Hopefully Holly and Trena can apply for our court date Monday morning, that would be Sunday night our time.
Logan and Olivia had their birthday party today. I will post pictures soon.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Passed through Customs

Our TECO papers arrived in Taiwan this morning at 8:24am and cleared customs at 8:53am. So, looks likes Holly and Trena will be able to file for a court date come Monday morning, Sunday night our time. Please pray that we will be assigned a court date very quickly that is not very far in the future and that we will be assigned the judge that will request all homestudies be done prior to the assigned court date. Thanks for all the prayers.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

We love getting pictures

Wow, today has been so busy. Olivia had school this morning. So, we got up early, fed everyone breakfast, dressed, and out the door we ran. Dropped Olivia off at school and then the boys and I headed to the gym. Wow, yes, it has been almost 3 weeks since I have visited the gym. So long since I have been that they had all new equipment. Loved the new equipment. Maybe I will have some motivation til the new wears off. Every piece has a tv that you can hook your headphones into and change the channel to whatever you want. Then we headed to Wal-Mart to pick up last minute things for the kid's birthday party. The kids were very hyper today. We had lunch with Mammaw, and I though they were going to bounce off the walls. After lunch kids napped while I baked their birthday cakes that I will decorate in the morning. I hope that goes well...I don't have time to rebake or redo cakes. We are on a tight schedule since I have to work tomorrow night. I feel like I have been in the kitchen all day long. I baked cakes, cooked supper, dipped chocolate covered pretzels for snacks and for the party, made a breakfast casserold for breakfast, and prepared a couple other foods for the party. Thank goodness for David and him cleaning my kitchen while I finished up.
On a disgusting note....I told David to not make Logan eat the broccli. As some of you know, Logan is a nightmare when it comes to eating. He eats nothing, he survives off of his milk. We had italian breaded pork, homemade maccaroni, and broccli. Logan sat at the table forever while everyone else was up playing and doing other things. David told Logan he had two more pieces of meat and one broccli floret. After twenty minutes he finished the meat. Next thing we know, Logan is screaming and crying because he has gagged and thrown up everywhere. Like I tell everyone, you cannot make him eat some things because he will throw up everywhere. And I told David that. I look at David and say, "I think this one is yours since you made him eat the broccli." David just stood there for like 5 minutes looking at the puke. Needless to say, who had to clean it up?? Of coarse...MOM..the one who would not have made him eat it. Poor Logan he was so upset because he thought he was going to be in trouble and not get his dessert. He had to have lots of love and hugs and a big bowl of dessert.
This morning we got an email with pictures of Leia. I was super excited. She is so cute and looks like she is loving to eat...those cute little cheeks. She is now back at the House of Hope. And on another note, prayers have been answered at the House of Hope. nto sure what that means, so we will still be praying that they receive the finances or whatever they need so they can take in every baby that comes through the doors of House of Hope.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Living In The Moment

So, as I have said lately I am trying to "Live in the Moment." So, I really had to plans today other than I was going to go to the gym. But, I changed my mind this morning. The older two told me they wanted to stay at home. So, we did, and I will do a pilates workout today. I've got to get back into my workout routine. I have seriously been slacking since the holidays, I can tell big time.
I got to sleep in this morning, and Carson came and snuggled in bed with me. We both fell asleep again, and then I was awaked by snoring that sounded like a grown man, which was little ole Carson. He can snore with the best of them. On a different note about Carson...he has hit the terrible twos. He can throw fits for unknown reasons to us, no one will even be around him and he is throwing a wall eyed fit. We are working vigently on correcting that. Today he unzipped his jammies, pulled off his diaper, and decided to relieve himself everywhere. ughhh!! Boys!
We all sit down this morning and had waffles for breakfast. The kids loved it, and so did I. While the kids played around the house this morning I cleaned up the kitchen, started some laundry, and checked email.
I found out this morning that His Hands had to turn 5 babies away last week because they can no longer house more than 4 babies at a time due to the restrictions made by their DHS services saying no more than so many people per square foot. I was so upset by this news. So, I called the kids in and in simple terms told them that there were some babies that didn't have a home because there wasn't enough room for them where Leia is living and we needed to pray that God will give them a bigger house for all the new mommies and babies. It was so cute, they even chimed in while we were praying. I told my mom about the newsletter I received from His HAnds this morning about the babies and she encouraged me to write Oprah, which I had already been toying with the idea. I wrote Oprah, called Mark Schultz's manager, and wrote Scott and Lisa from KLOVE Christian radio. The manager for mark Schultz already called me back and said that he would give all the info to Mark. He told me Mark does some benefit concernts every year but that they had already filled the slots for 2010, but that you never know and he would let Mark look into His HAnds and see if we would promote for them on his facebook and twitter pages. We need some big prayers going up for these ladies. Those 5 babies may not have the chance at a forver family now, expecially if they are sent to a governemnt institution. And believe me, I know of more than 5 families here that would have been overjoyed to bring those babies home. The news was heart wrenching. So help me pray and come up with ideas.
Yesterday, mom came at lunch and helped me get this shower cake going for a sweet friend that I work with. I thought it turned out really cute, but I have a long way to go. Thanks mom for helping me, I know it really slowed down your day to stay and help. I thought it was delicious though, none other than my mom's recipe :)
So, the kids have been bathed for church tonight, now I need a shower and need to get supper in the works. I checked the tracking on our TECO papers and it hasn't been updated since they left Chicago. So maybe that means they are in the air on their way to Taiwan. Holly sent me an email this morning and said they are going to get Leia tonight while I am sleeping and bring her back to House of Hope. She said her and Trena would try to remember their camera and get some pictures to me in the next 24hours. I need lots of pictures. I look at the couple I have all the time. i am sure she is changing everyday. Holly said she received Leia's care package and was having fun going through it. I can't wait to see her in some of the things I sent. I will post as soon as i get some new pictures.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our 3 angels, awaiting the 4th

I just love this picture. And these are the faces and memories that I want to capture and remember everyday. I don't want to remember their childhood as a blur. So, I will prayerfully make every attempt every waking day to "Live In The Moment." I want to play Barbies and Thomas the Train, run around and play hide n seek, bake cookies, get dirty playing outside. And not worry about the unfolded laundry that will be there later or the never ending list of things that need to be done. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be lazy, because that is not me. I want to LIVE laugh instead of being a robot getting through life. The clothes can sit on my bed while we read Bible stories and sing songs to Jesus just like we did tonight. We were studying the verse on how to make a joyful noise unto the Lord tonight, and I asked Logan what he wanted to sing. He started belting out "This Is The Day." It was the cutest thing, three little voices singing their heart out to Jesus.
I want to be more relaxed and I am getting better, or at least I tell myself I am. Let me know how I am doing.
So, our TECO documents have left Chicago, wondering where they will arrive next before making their final destination, TAIWAN!! Please pray they make it there. They are the only originals. Night!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Christmas to Remember

I have been meaning to post this ever since Christmas but was not aloud to do so until the week after Christmas and then I just haven't had time. As you know, Christmas morning we received our referral for Leia. After we were over the shock of learning about Leia we began our Christmas traditions. We always videotape the kids opening their gifts but do not tape the adults. When everyone was done opening their gifts Brittany asked David to get the video camera out because her and Justin has one gift for my parents to open that she wanted on tape.
Mom opened the bag and in it was a pacifier and ultrasound pictures of a baby. All I could do was scream. I was a little excited. Mom and Dad were in shock. Everyone was screaming, crying, laughing. I mean, can you believe it, two babies in one day. So we will have a niece or nephew at the end of July or beginning of August. I was going to post the video, but don't think the others would be very happy about that since we had all just got out of bed. Now we will have two new babies. I still can't believe it.

Birthday Party Invites

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And It begins

So, yesterday was a very trying day. I really don't have the time nor the energy to detail everything that occured the past two days with our documents. Bottom line is the Houston TECO offices acts as if they have never authenticated documents for an adoption. They have charged me double what I should have had to pay. And there is no one our there at any other office that can help me. I spoke with Holly last night and she eased my concerns. She told me that the judges in Taiwan will accept anything from TECO as long as there is a stamp on it. They only look for the stamp and could probably care less about the actual document. So, I wasted an entire day yesterday on the phone with these people and shed a waterfall of tears from shear frustration. It is so difficult to communicate with foreigners who want to interupt every other word out of your mouth. They might understand what I was saying if they would stop and listen, but that is not in their realm of thinking.
I have great friends and family who lent mahor support and advice yesterday. And I know they were sending prayers up, because everything is going to be okay. As usual, the worry was for nothing. We just spent twice as much getting them authenticated than everyone else I know, but it is worth it. I just want the papers so they can be on their merry way to Taiwan. I will receive the documents tomorrow and I will send them out tomorrow as soon as I receive them.
On another note...this morning was quite exciting. Our bathroom pipes froze. David left for work at 8:30 after being outside all morning long. Our crawlspace is insulated, but our bathroom pipes run right beside one of the vents and cold air was seeping through. He had to by some insulation to cover the vents and held a heater by the pipes til they thawed. We are not use to it being this cold. Wish we had the white stuff to go with it.
Christmas decorations are finally down and have made their way to the garage. Now they need to carry themselves to the attic. I plan on making the kids birthday invites today. Running so behind this year that they are going to be digital, posted on facebook, and sent by email. I think that will work. Then I have got to get started baking their cakes and put them in the freezer. Logan will be getting a Thomas the Train cake and Olivia has requested another princess cake. I have found some really cute ideas.
David informed me that we have date night tonight, part of my birthday. I'm excited but have no idea what i want to do. I do know where I want to eat...Cantina Laredo. If you have not eaten there you should try it. It is delightful. Well, I need to be off accomplishing things rather than piddling. Everyone stay warm and have a blessed day.
By the way, one of our dear friends, Gina, received their first decree for baby Mylee and should be traveling in the next 2-3 weeks Lord Willing. They have had a long road that is hopefully behind them. Please remember them in your prayers.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some snow please

So, the kids have been praying for lots of snow. I think I may have to join their prayer group. The two dustings that we have received are just a tease. It has been so long since I have seen a good snow that was more than an inch. The way they talked earlier this week it sounded as if we might really get something, but only a light dusting. It was lighter than last weeks dusting.
Olivia was disappointed that she had to go to school this morning. She thought she would be able to play in the snow today, but there is none out there. So sad for a five year old.
Carson has been in a bit, or should I say a lot of trouble since last night. We have removed the guardrail from his bed because he just kept making the mesh hole larger. So, now he thinks he has free reign of the house at all hours of the night or early morning. He is not learning very fast. David said he was good the night before last and had thougt we were making progress. Apparently NOT!! He got up twice during the middle of the night and decided everyone should be up at 5:30, because he wok Logan up. Logan got up and turned the light on, uhggg. I sure hope tonight and in the morning are better.
Ready to get this day going ad the work finished. Christmas decorations are coming down.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our Little Love Around the World

We have had an eventful week. The mailman rang the doorbell Monday morning at 11:30, and he probably thought what is wrong with this crazy lady. I knew it was our translated documents arriving from Taiwan. I was so excited and surprises to have them so quickly that I just couldn't contain my excitement. As soon as I got them, I hopped in the shower and to Little Rock I went. I went with the intention of getting everything certified by the Secretary of State's office and then mailed off to TECO. Well, I should have known that it wouldn't go so smoothly because that is the way I wanted it to go. I get to David's office and pull out all of the paperwork and realize after talking to one of the sweet friends I have made through this adoption that I will need copies of our passports to mail to TECO. Then I look a bit further at everything and see that I also need a true certified copy of our marriage license. I needed to go to his office anyways because there were some documents that we had to sign and have notarized by someone at his office. Then I sat and made copies of all of our documents. I was told we had to mail a photocopy of all our documents to send with the original to send to TECO. Well after getting all that done, I was told by another friend that they are to be copies with the certification. I was pretty discouraged by this point. And I was so confused the more I looked at the instructions that Holly and Trena sent us. It made more sense the first time I read it, but then you read it and reread it because you don't want there to be any problems with anything that be the cause for a delay in this process. So, I make my way back to Benton and head to the county clerks office to obtain a copy of our marriage licence. Then I get everything all organized, stapled, and ready for David to finish up on Tuesday. Mind you I had to work Monday night, so I was dead by the time I got home Tuesday morning because there was no time of rest. I would have never been able to nap knowing that I had those papers and have them just sitting in my house.
So, David headed to the Secretary of State's office yesterday morning to get everything certified. He gets all of that done, heads to his office and makes the million copies of all the paperwork. He calls the TECO office to confirm the amount needed for the cashiers check for the authentication. Apparently whoever he spoke with misunderstood him, because he was told to send a check for more than $400. I knew when he told me the amount it was wrong. So, I called TECO yesterday afternoon when I woke up and tried to tell the lady she would be receiving our papers today and she would also receive a check for the wrong amount. She told me she would call me today when she received it. When David called they thought he was wanting some of the documents translated, as far as we can tell. I spoke with the woman today and she said the counsel would look at everything tomorrow and for me not to worry they would get a refund check to me. Whew!! So, I pray when they call me tomorrow it will be to tell me everything is back on its way to me and no glitches.
I woke up after lunch today, and I have slept like a rock yesterday and this morning, and had an update from Holly and Trena. They took Leia's birth mom to a ministry in Taipei on Monday to visit. At first they weren't sure of the place, but after meeting the faithful women there they decided that it would be a good place for her. One of the woman would like for Leia's birth mom to live with her for a while instead of at the ministry. Amazing, people do have love for others in times of distress and need. As of now, the plan is to take Leia's birth mom to Taipei on Monday or Tuesday to the ministry. Leia was moved to stay with another foster family on Sunday. The family she was staying with had to return to work. Holly said the family she is staying with now called her last night and said they are enjoying her "ALOT." They are only having to get up once during the night. Hopefully when she returns to the House of Hope we will get a few more pictures to share, but not complaining. It looks like Holly took her bottle to get these pictures, because she has a milk mouth. Isn't she the cutest thing ever. Olivia has fallen in love with her from around the world. I printed the new pictures and Olivia took them to church to show everyone. She is so proud. Logan just keeps telling me, "She is not here yet." And boy does Mamma ever know this.
Please continue to pray for us as we keep trucking through this process. I need help thinking of more fundraiser ideas and if there is anyone who would like to host a yard sale for us we would be so grateful. I have a few things that I am getting ready to ebay and have started making some baby hats that I am going to try and sale. I am not as efficient as Belinda, so we will see if it will be worth my time. But, I do enjoy making them so much. Fun to see products made from your own hands.
Please pray for all the families waiting for referrals, waiting for court dates, waiting to travel, just plain waiting. WE all need God's strength and guidance.

Monday, January 4, 2010

And She Turns 5

So, our baby girl turns 5 today. Happy day for her and a sad day for me as I realize that we are that much closer to starting school. The past 5 years have gone by in a blink of an eye. We love her so much. I did okay with Logan's birthday, but Olivia is turning 5. David and I have been together for 13 years and I think in 13 more years she coujld be moving out, finding the prince of her dreams, and she will be gone like Cinderella. Ahh...tears.
She is such a bubbly joyous child like her aunt Lisa. I see so much of her Aunt Lisa in her. She is so happy and is loving life. She aims to please and does not like for anyone to be upset with her. She sheds huge waterdrops from her deep blue eyes if she thinks someone is unhappy with her. She is also a little mother hen, that my mom says she gets from me. She is very attentive to her little brothers. She always sees to their needs. Not to say that she doesn't also exhibit sibling aggravation towards them as well.
We celebrated her birthday over the weekend. Saturday she went with Mammaw and I shopping. We had to go look and see what she wanted for her birthday, as I jad not had time to get her presents yet. i had no idea what to get her. We went to Chick Fil A, her and Nanna's favorite place to eat. She likes it because she turns her kiddie prize in for an ice cream cone all by herself at the register. Then we headed to Little Rock to the toy store, Target, and Wal-Mart. Nothing seemed to really catch her eye at the toy store but she found several things at Wal-Mart. Yesterday we did her little celebration with family. Her and Logann are racking up on parties this year, as they will have their party party on the 16th of this month. She has requested a Princess cake, again.
Here are a few milestones for Olivia:

She cut her first tooth at 6 1/2 months

Her first word was Dog and Dadda

She started walking at 11 1/2 months

She went on a cruise and visited other countries when she was 12months

She became a big sister when she was 2

She became a big sister again when she was 3

She started Day School this year at one of the local churches- and she loves it

She will start school this fall and will be attending First Academy Lord willing

And she became a big sister again on December 25, 2009 and cannot wait till Leia is home

Olivia loves going to her Mammaw's house every week. She wishes that she could go even on the days that she goes to school for a couple hours. She loves to go see Grandma and play pretend with her when she is at Mammaw's house. She loves to paint with Mammaw and sing with Mammaw. She loves to cook and shop with Nanna. She loves to ride the mower with Pappaw and Papa. She alsoo enjoys fishing with both of them. She will do anything with them to spend time with them. She loves to play chase in the house with Daddy just like her brother. And she loves to help Mamma in the kitchen and loves our "buddy days" when she and I go to town by ourselves.

She can't wait to be a big sister again. She we will finally have another girl in the house. Last night Daddy told her Leia was going to share her room with her and she said that Leia would wake her up. Daddy asked her if she was going to give her her pacifier to help her go back to sleep. And she then informed her Daddy that she would need "a quiet stool that I can climb on to give her her pacifier so she can go back to sleep." Daddy told her he would find one for

Olivia's favorite food is Macaroni and Cheese which she requested for our little family party yesterday along with mashed potatoes and bread. She is her daddy's child. She askeed for chocolate layer dessert. She thought it was all very yummy and ate lots.

Her favorite toy right now is barbies and her new baby doll that cries and laughs. She has gotten so many new things for Christmas and her birthday that I don't know if she can truly decide that one. Aunt Lisa and Uncle Aaron got her a kiddie camera and Ariel cd, Pappaw, Mammaw, Nana, and Papa got her and her brothers a playground his fall, Grandma and Papa Bob gave her money, and Mama and Daddy got her a new baby doll, barbie clothes, a barbie car, baby clothes, and the movie Mulan. Oh, and Nana made her this beautiful Chandelier for her and Leia's new room.

Her favorite movie is Star Wars. What can I say, she is her daddy's child....again.

She is planning on going to see Mammaw this afternoon because Leia's adoption papers just arrived and Mamma has to go to Little Rock. We weren't expecting those til at least the middle of the week. Good thing we celebrated her birthday this weekend. And as you all know she has been fervently praying for snow. And it was snowing beautiful flakes for her birthday. She told me God did that just for her.