Friday, October 23, 2009

Sickness, Fundraisers, and Laughs

So, this week has been quite the headache for us, literally. From excruciating headaches that are on the same level as a migraine, to raw sore throats, stuffy to dripping noses, loss of pounds because of no appetite, some with high fevers (so high causing broken blood vessels in and around the eyes), nausea and the oh so terrible diarrhea, a cough that stabs you all the way through, aches that make you move like a worm, and fatigue that makes you lay in the bed like the dead. That has been the week of myself and David. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Linda for keeping Olivia and Logan. We would have never made it. It took all of our effort to make it to and from doctors and the drug store. We were diagnosed with Swine Flu and for me, pneumonia as well. We are mostly all recovered, just a little weak from laying around like the dead for so long. The kids have survived with just an ear infection, and who knows what Logan has (he is just on antibiotics for swollen glands, sore throat, and fever). The doctor is arranging for Logan to be sent to an allergist, something she says they do not like to do at this early age but feels very necessary. He does not eat, has a horrible rash that will not go away no matter what we treat it with, multiple GI issues, and overall looks bad. He just needs something. So pray for the little man, he needs to feel better soon.
Tonight we had another fundraiser to help with the cost of bringing baby Leia home. Moe's, in Benton, donated a portion of their sales made from 5-9pm tonight. We will know sometime Monday the amount that will be donated. It was very generous of them to do this for us, especially since they do not even know us. David and the kids, my parents, Linda, Vickie, and April were there, and Anthony came for pick-up. I will be surprised if we make even $100.00. But Olivia said it was "a very fun night mommy...can we do this again...I like making money for baby Leia." She was handing out coupons to everyone, smiling from ear to ear, and saying thank you to everyone that walked out. She was the perfect little door hostess that you find at nice eateries.
And oh the laughs we have had over Carson this week. Every time you take his clothes off you find all kinds of treasures. We came home from Mammaw's house Thursday night and David changed his clothes and found all kinds of Jenga blocks in his pants. I changed him last night and had a panic attack because I found crushed and chewed chocolate teddy grahams inside and outside the diaper area. You can only imagine what I thought I saw at a glance. Exactly!!! David laughed so hard.
Logan has started continuing his sister's legend of singing himself to sleep at night. I heard him over the monitor singing I love you, You love me, Daddy Love me, Mommy love me, over and over. And then, of coarse, Carson echoing in somewhat harmony in the background.
A new Fundraiser is in the works. More info to come very soon. I think this one will be a blast for everyone involved. Hopefully details to come tomorrow or Sunday. Return soon for more info. So, save the date, November 7, 5:30-8:00pm.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Maybe tomorrow......

So, to all who are wondering and have asked, no we have not heard anything. We do not know if they have any babies, much less any baby girls. Olivia asked the other night why we ahve not gone to get baby Leia yet. She wanted to know if she needed to wash more cars and make some more money. I tried to explain to a 4 year old that we do not know when we are going to get baby Leia. And she went on to tell me that she has been waiting "hundreds of years for her." She prayed at supper that night that God would give her some money to bring her baby sister home. At church that same night, her Little cousine Lane brought her a ziploc bag of all their change they had been saving. She was so excited. You should have seen her little eyes.
We painted the girls' room this past weekend. We haven't gotten it decorated yet, but everything is organized. We have some baby things, but haven't really bought anything yet. Trying to wait until we have a referral. I have given in and bought a few things. when the room is all finished I will post pictures.
Carson has been a little toot lately. He is into everything. He gets out of bed every morning with a mission, I think, to get into anything and everything he can find. And everything is a ladder. He has more knots on his head. Logan is talking nonstop these days, and gets louder and louder if he thinks you are not giving him his undivided attention. By the way, the child only has 2 volumes as it is, loud and louder.
So, not much new around here. Hope everyone is staying well.