Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Fun

Such a serious face....

Wow, they are all smiling!
My beautiful little girl!
He looks as if he is having a blast.
How sweet is that picture?

Here are some pictures that Mammaw took of the kids playing in leaves. They had a blast.

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Cheerful Giver

Here are a few pictures from our dinner fundraiser that we hosted Saturday night. My mom did an amaazing job of transferring the room into "Italian Villa Ristorante." Olivia was our hostess. Justin, Brittany, David, and myself were waiters. My mom, Linda, and myself cooked. And my mom, as usual, decorated the room. Daniel and Tera came down for the weekend and helped behind the scenes before the dinner. Thank you all!!

We have been so blessed with such wonderful people in our lives. We received an anonymous $2,000.00 donation last week that completed the rest of our financial need for the adoption. the giver asked that we please continue with our plans of our Dinner Fundraiser, that took place on Saturday, for any hidden costs in the adoption that we may not be aware of. We are so thankful for that cheerful giver and all others who have donated their time and money to help bring baby Leia home. We love and cherish each and every one of you. We will continue setting aside money every month for when we travel to Taiwan. David and I plan to make it a many mission trip. We want to see as many orphas as we can. We want to be able to bring firsthand stories that are real to the people here, so that they can know the needs and "cries of the orphans around the world." Justin and Brittany, Lord willing, will be traveling to Taiwan with us when the call comes for us to travel and bring our baby girl home. We are so excited about visiting the orphans in Taiwan. I watch videos and see pictures all the time about the orphans and dream about hugging them, smiling at them, singing to them, putting shoes on their feet, and the list could go on. I dream about doing these things, even if it is only for a few days. I know that if the Lord wills us to live to that day; that trip will be far better than any vacation I have ever been on.

Please remember the orphans of the world, as this is Orphan Awareness Month. They need out help one child at a time. Anyone can help an orphan, and I don't mean adoption. There are so many needs of the orphans and so many ways we can do the work that god commanded us to do. Sometimes you might have to go without something, or forgo plans that you have made, drop things that you think that need your attention. We need to prioritize our lives and see what things really need our attention. So many things consume us and our time, and we need to change, and change now.