Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sunday Shots

I keep saying I am going to make more time to learn how to really do photography.  But then there is life and all the respoisibilities that go with it...and the camera gets shoved to the back of the closet.  One of these days.  I just need to make some time.  I really want to.  But then you are so tired and who wants to sit and read articles on how to use your camera.  Not me.  I need an instructor.  So, Lisa, come prepared to teach me some more of your photography skills.  She is a good teacher.  The few things I do know, she taught me.  Now, don't judge her teaching and photography skills from my photos.

One Sunday when Jeff and Linda were here we snapped these really quick.  And I thought they turned out super cute, especially since I did not even intentionally coordinate the outfits.  But it sure looks like it.

Some Sunday Snapshots of My Raboins

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some Family Time

The countdown for Mammaw and Pappaw coming seemed like it lasted forever.  The kids were so excited. This was the longest they had ever gone without seeing either of them.  Ten days seemed like so far away until they got here and Logan asked how many days they were going to be there and he then said with watery eyes, "That's not very many days."  We had to tell him to quit asking everyday how many days were left and to enjoy the time we had.

As always the time was so short, but we crammed as much as we could in that ten days.  David took a couple days off so we could go to the beach, and we found the most beautiful beach that we have seen in Costa Rica.  We had the beach all to ourselves.  Perfect!!  Most of you have seen these photos on facebook, so I will just post a few here.  Well, few is a relative term.  This is a few compared to how many I took.

Olivia using her new camera snapping shots of Mammaw
and Leia.

More snapshots from Liv.

I think Liv will make a great photographer!
Sorry...not sure what Leia is trying to do.
But she does have some cute little thighs : )

Me and my first "little" love

Can we say paradise??

He is a snorkel maniac.

Having fun with Daddy.

The beach bum who prefers water to only be 
this deep and not very strong waves.

We saw the most beautiful fish while snorkeling here.

He was a little adventurer climbing through all the rocks.

Building a sand castle with Daddy.

Crystal Clear Water.  Amazing!

Mammaw playing with the kids.

This was just the beginning of the sand-encrusted baby.

Boys caught this crab with Pappaw.

Loving her time with Pappaw and Mammaw.

Tamarindo Beach

Can I just say I love this picture!!

And love this one too!!

And, this is my favorite of all.  Lil Stair-Steps

Tamarindo beach is a surfing town
and I just though this was a really cool 
shot with the sun setting.  None of these
were photoshopped at all except to changed
to black and white on a few of them.

My Family

Kiddos with Pappaw and Mammaw

Daddy and the silly boy who can't look at the camera
without silly faces and crazy eyeballs right now.

Two very handsome men

Oh yeah, HE IS MINE!!

Our little beach beauty

who was being a sassafrass and refused
to look at the camera.  Got a cute shot

As the sun was setting you could see the rain pouring 
down in the ocean on the right.  It was an
awesome sight.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Finds

We have used some late Sunday afternoons to venture around to surrounding barrios and just take in the sights.  And you never know what you are going to get to see.  Some things wonderful, others unusual, other things would rather never see again, and some so comical you can't stop laughing.

This is an abandoned church we came across.  It is very
neat looking and a shame that it has been abandoned.
You would think they would have renovated, or at least kept
it to use for something.  The new one they built is sooo
ugly.  Not saying the looks of the building matter at all.  
You would just think that since they abandoned this
then they would have had something better to go to.
Who knows how old this thing is.  I would have opted
for renovating and maintaining.  It was so cool.

Side view of abandoned church.

And you never know who or what you will see in the
turn on a road.  They were really flagging us down
to try and sell us something.  This country is not
short on entrepreneurs for sure.

Common travel...even for the not so young.  
Good exercise!
(since moving to town, David and I love biking to where
we need to go)

A snapshot cannot do this scene justice.  This was a 
very very small shanty in the middle of nowhere.
No windows...looked like life shouldn't even 
exist there, but on the doorsteps you see a mother
with her baby. 

Every time we see one of these we laugh hysterically.
We call them the circus vans.  They are the tiniest things.
It is smaller than a Corrola (probably like the size of 
a Prius) but in Minivan form.  And you never know
how many people are going to start climbing out.
We just imagine dozens of clowns hanging out of them 
like the circus : ).

The view from just about any hilltop in towns.  You
see metal roofs for as far as the eye can see with no 
yards.  Everything is just sandwiched in.

We actually cross this bridge, and yet again the picture
does not truly display its bad repair.  I cringe, pray, 
and hold my breath every time we cross it.  And it
is soooooo far down to the river below.

Always light at the end of the tunnel!

In minutes you go from jungle to rolling hills
to the likes of New Zealand (or so I imagine).

One of many, many gazillion rustling creeks, brooks, and rivers.
Pretty, just don't touch.  For REAL!