Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

We say we are blessed, but do we truly know how blessed?  We complain because of this and because of that.  We say we can't do this or that because of this or that.  I'm too tired.  My body just can't do that today.  And on and on the saga goes. 
We overlook the smallest blessings, and I think in reality we don't even see them as blessings anymore.  We expect these things and don't even begin to think that they could be stripped from us at any moment.  God may have given you a roof over your head, but did he have to give you one that didn't leak?  Did he have to give you an oven to cook your meals?  Or do you even cook?  I mean take out and fast food are the norm in this generation.  Some people only sit down to the table and eat together as a family on major holidays. 
I, too, find myself in this rut of really thinking about all the things that God has blessed me and my family with.  I am quickly reminded of the little things when we go to Costa Rica.  I remember the little things, that I forgot so soon after being home.  I forget how wonderful it is to have a car.  Most people in Costa Rica rely on public transportation, and believe me it is very time consuming to get anywhere there.  I remember how wonderful air conditioning is, in a car and in a house, and how I really don't NEED it to survive.  I just think I need it.  And I really really enjoy that air conditioning.  When I get down to 5lbs of flour I think my pantry is low.  And most people in Costa Rica never buy 5lbs of flour at a time. 
My home is filled with more Bibles than we have people living in it.  And yet there are people all over this world who have never touched nor seen the word of God.  How sad to not have the power of the Word to get one through a day. 
I have met many people in our travels to Costa Rica and they each hold such a special place in my heart.  This most recent trip I met two women who displayed joy of a cup running over.  You can tell by the lines in their face and the depths of their eyes that they have not had an easy life.  It amazes me how when we see one another and meet new people that the conversation always travels to such negativity about our life, wether it be health, finances, etc. 

The woman directly to my right is 87 years old and is from Nicaragua.  Her husband, who was 97 years old, passed away two months ago.  She has just moved to Costa Rica to live with one of her granddaughters.  Her son, who lives a very humble life, informed us that she lived a very humble life in Nicaragua.  My mind can only imagine the circumstances that she lived in.  It is not the norm there to have running water, clean water, healthcare, food so easily attained.  To her right is her daughter Gladys, in her 60s.  They talked of how God has blessed them with such a full life and wonderful children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  They didn't absorb themselves with how hard their life as been.  They talked of their "cup runneth over."
I earnestly pray that from this point forward I will always see the blessing in everything and not the negative in things.  Every minute is a blessing, because God granteth us another breath, another breath to change things, another breath to spread the Gospel to another person, another breath to follow his Word. 
Oh, how my cup runneth over......

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Days

....are filled and overflowing with this.  It has been so long since I have posted.  Time is something I don't have extra of, so the blog seems to go by the wayside.  Here is why.....
I think these are some pretty good excuses.