Monday, July 12, 2010

Where Does the Time Go

Olivia and Tera
Logan a.k.a "lil fish"
Thinking about it....
He has no fear
Just catching some rays
Kicking her little feet
Yes, my kids have been introduced to "Silly Bandz"
My Happy Firecrackers
Elmo must have her undivided attention
Leia is trying to play with Olivia
Leia and Logan...he is in seep thought
Olivia and Leia are having a Tea Party

I don't know where to begin. We have been home approximately 6 weeks, and Leia is doing wonderful. She is a bubbly, beautiful little baby girl. Her siblings are in love with her, as well as Mama and Daddy. I really thought we would have traveled to Taiwan sooner than we did, but we didn't. Which means there is not a long time span from when we went to Taiwan and when we leave to visit Costa Rica. I am excited about what this trip means and hopefully the answers we will find while we are there. But on the other hand, I am so sad that I will have to leave my oldest 3 children behind with their grandparents. Why do plane tickets have to be so much? I pray we are able to take them on the next trip, especially Olivia and Logan. The two of them are really having a hard time with the fact that we are going to be gone again, so soon. My poor babies....
I ask each of you who read this to please lift my family up in your prayers. We have our house for sale and the Yukon XL for sale. They are for sale for more than one reason. In case you haven't seen the additional blog, it is It explains a lot too. The goal, Lord-willing is to move to Costa Rica permanently to do evagelistic and missionary work. But also, we are trying to get our bills where it is not necessary for me to work, or at least only one day a week at most. We thought we had sold the Yukon, which would have helped tremendously, but at the moment the people haven't closed on their house and do not know when that will happen, so no sale. I want to be home with my children, not be so tired that I do not even comprehend how I am able to function as a human being. Like I said, many reasons for needing to sale things we have. We desire to have a simpler life.
We have spent this summer having fun outside in the pool. Logan is truly a little fish like his Daddy. Carson hates the water. It is mid-July, and we are finally able to get in the water without screaming. Olivia loves the water, but has not mastered being under water. Her blowing bubbles only lasts a few seconds, not enough to do much. Leia just chills in the pool and kicks her little legs around...not a care in the world.
On a funny note....the other day I was cooking supper and I had told Logan several times to not come into the kitchen. FYI, that is a rule in my house. I do not want anyone getting burned or hurt. One of the times he came into the kitchen he asked for some milk to drink, so I fixed him a glass of milk thinking he would take it to the dining room or to the other side of the bar. I got busy doing things in the kitchen and then noticed Logan walking from the living room with his milk cup. I called him to me and asked him why he had taken to milk to the living room, and he matter-of-factly stated, "You told me to get out of the kitchen, and I was drinking my milk." At the same time he informs me of this he is talking with his hands as well. I stood there in a speechless mommy moment. Because, that indeed, is what I said.
Olivia is so smart and intuitive. I have never said anything directly to her about working, money, selling car and house, or moving to Costa Rica. One night as she was praying, she told God, "Please help us to sale our house and car so we can move to Costa Rica to help the poor and tell them about Jesus. And so Mommy doesn't have to work anymore." Another reason I want those things to sell.
Carson and potty training do not go together. We made our second attempt at this last week. It was more successful this time. Then Daddy came home and put a diaper on him and i worked the next day, so there went all my tortuous work. When we return from Costa Rica that is my mission. All I can say about Carson right now is he has got to be the clumsiest 2 year old. I think his forhead screams to walls, "Smack me hard." He constantly walks around with a walnut sized knot that is a varying color of the bruise rainbow. He walks like a penguin, waddling his feet, and looking somewhere other than where he is going.
One more day of work and then Wednesday is fun day with the kids before we leave. I will have everything done, if I have to stay up all night tomorrow, so I can play with the kids all day. We plan on meeting David for lunch and doing what they think is fun. What they enjoy is usually the most simple things in life. All children desire is your time, your quality time. My children are ecstatic when we plan a "fun day." I shouldn't have to plan fun days. We should have a little something "fun" planned or not planned for everyday. Because, in the end "where does the time go?"


Friday, July 9, 2010

Hoping I will have our new blog up and running before the weekend is over.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gotcha Day for Mr. Caysen Kirk

Our best friends Lance and Leslie Kirk are proud parents of Mr. Caysen, Leia's little cousin. We are so happy for them. Leslie traveled to Caysen so she could start on his physical therapy for his neck. Lance will take the trek to Taiwan when they are have date with AIT. Until then, Lance has become a bachelor, poor thing. Leslie is where she is needed most right now, with her baby boy.
I know without a doubt that she will be a wonderful Christian mother. She loves unconditionally to everyone and nurtures like she has been a mother of twenty.
Leslie, Congratulations on one of the most special days of your life. I pray God will bless you with years to express your love and the love of Christ to Caysen. We love you!