Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Smell Fall

I know Fall is coming.  I can smell it in the air.  The air blowing through the windows is so refreshing and crisp.  The weather last week was GREAT...this week has been swell too, but man, last week was breathtaking.  The kids love playing outside in this perfect weather.  They do not come to the door a million times complaining that it is hot, instead they do not want to come in when called.
With Fall comes baking and lots of it.  I love to cook!!  And it is so much more pleasant when the heat from the oven isn't running me out of the kitchen.  On a side note, Logan and  I are being tested for gluten allergies and he is also being tested for casein (milk protein), egg, and soy allergies.  I have been doing tons of recipe research trying to prepare myself for the worst and how this is DRASTICALLY going to change my cooking and the recipes that I know by heart.  I hope the results are negative and I hope they are positive.  Negative means I don't have to change the way we eat (although, we need to eat healthier than we do, but don't most people?), but then positive means something can be fixed, we have some answers,  and I can do that.  Do you really know what all gluten is in????  Just about everything!  If the tests come back positive then eating out will pretty much be a thing of the past.  We shall see...
Last week the boys started DaySchool.  Logan attended last year.  He was hesitant about going back this year but has been loving it so far.  This is Carson's first year and he is LOVING it.  They go on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for a couple hours.  Those couple hours allow me to really get some school done with Olivia.  When the boys are here it takes us every bit of 8-4:00 to get completely finished up.  Olivia is loving school this year and is doing so well.  She is reading fantastically with such expression and emphasis on those sentences with exclamation marks too.  And Leia, well, some days plays in her little kitchen with no complaints at all while we are doing school and other days she thinks she needs a desk with pencils, crayons, and everything else she can't have.  Today was a whiny, "Hold Me!!" day.  So, what did Mommy do while adding fish to the fish tank?  Why of coarse I held the little rascal. 

The Boys on their 1st day of school

Thursday, September 8, 2011


To catch you up a little.....
I have a new niece!!!  Wow in one year I have 2 nieces and 1 nephew!!  And will soon be adding more!!  Super excited about all these babies.  My hubby worked long hours last week, so he could take off the entire day last Friday.  I had the car loaded and we headed out Thusday night and drove all nigth to Brownfield, Texas.  We made awesome time and arrived at 5:30am, 10.5 hours later.  The kids did awesome and slept the entire way (well Logan and Leia just dozed off and on, but they did great).  We checked into our hotel and caught a little nap, grabbed lunch, and then headed to see that baby.


Aaron and Lisa had no idea we were coming.  When we got there David called Lisa and asked her what she was doing.  Then she asked him, "What are you doing?"  He answered, while ringing the doorbell, "Well, I came to see your baby."  She said, "What did you say?"  David laughed, "I said I came to see that baby.  Come answer the door."  She was in complete shock.  I love giving a good surprise.  She probably thought I was completely rude, because ever since she had the baby, I have only texted, not called.  It is super hard for me to keep a surprise a secret.  I want to tell sooo bad....so I didn't call her.  Then there was no temptation to give in and tell her. 
Short version....we had an AWESOME weekend.  And the icing on the top was getting to see Lance, Leslie, and Caysen while we were there.  It had been way too long that is for sure. 
We headed out yesterday morning and arrived home 11.5 hours later.  The kids were complete angels the entire way.  There was no whining, crying, fighting, screaming.....just pure traveling bliss for Mommy and Daddy. 
 Uncle David and that sweet Teneley
 Sleeping Angel
 Olivia and her baby cousin
 Mr. Caysen
 Very sleepy little girl
 Olivia playing with her horse
 Angle Eyes....Caysen
My 4 Raboins......ready to be tucked in.