Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Impossible Is Not Possible

With God, all things are possible. If you know Him, have a relationship with Him, obey Him, then anything is possible.

Phillipians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

A little voice keeps entering my head telling me, "Our house won't sell. How will we ever get enough support to move to Costa Rica and survive? How will we do this?" I was driving today, and I kept hearing, "Nothing is impossible." It was like a broken record that kept restarting. The exact phrase that popped into my head was, "Impossible is not really a word to God, because with God there is only POSSIBLE."

So, with God's help....

  • our house CAN sell

  • he can provide the financial support that will be needed

  • we can move to Costa Rica, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Ohio, South Dakota, Peru or wherever He sees the best place to start. KEY word, where HE sees fit. Not where We think or where someone else thinks.

  • we can convert lost souls

Nothing is impossible, because with God all things are possible.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things I Want You to Remember

To my sweet babies...


I want you to remember sitting in the bathroom with me and asking me to sing "I love you for always. I Love you forever. As long as I am living my baby you'll be.

You tell me we are the best buddies. And I pray you will still think that in 10 years.

You love to snuggle with me. We both treasure those sweet moments of eskimo kisses and butterfly kisses while snuggling.

You are amazing at memorizing your Bible verses.

Your prayers to God ring like sweet melodies to me as I listen to your requests to your heavenly father.

You have such a sweet heart and do not like anyone to be disappointed in you. It devastates you.

You love to sing songs about Jesus in the car. And your voice is quite beautiful. (And I don't say this just because I am your mama.)

You know how to work the system with your sweetness...not in a manipulative way though. It is very sweet. You want to stay up longer so you butter me up with sweet words and love.

You are by far our loudest child. You have two volumes: Loud and LOUDER.

You can delay any meal by going to the bathroom 5 times before it is over.

You are so sweet when you want to snuggle. Yes, you do like to snuggle. Every night for the past couple of weeks I have had to crawl in bed with you under the covers to snuggle.

You love to sing in church.

Right now you always ask to be the one to lead prayer at home. You are so thoughtful in your requests. You even ask to go see the crocodiles in Costa Rica : )

You ran in front of me the other day to open the door for me. When I asked you what you were doing you said you were being a man and getting the door. You would not let me get the door. You said you would get it. Your Daddy has been teaching you how to be a gentleman and you have taken to it quite well.

When I ask about your mornings at school you always mention playing outside and snack time.

You will not allow the vitamin handouts to be forgotten. You are relentless until everyone has their vitamins.

You love to work.

You can melt my heart with the flutter of your eyes and the way your tilt your face.

You have the best giggle that can be heard a town away.

You call me Ma. You can say Mama, but I believe you like shortcuts, so I am Ma.

When you need a hug you come grab my leg or arm and pat it, then you give me your trademark smile.

You copy everything your siblings do at this point in your life. Sometimes it is cute and other times it gets you in trouble.

At the age of 2 you can carry a tune and it is so cute.

You love to help Mama around the house too.

Outside is your favorite place to be.

You pray along with Logan and Olivia when they say their prayers aloud. We can only catch the Amen, but you are trying so hard.

You have the pitter patter down the hallway down to an art.

You don't meet a stranger and always give them your smile and a shake of your sweet hand. And sometimes even a hug.

You look at me and, I believe, deliberately say "Dada," over and over. Daddy thinks it is the sweetest thing ever. He says it is the cutest voice.

You love to eat real food. No baby food for you.

You are crawling everywhere and pulling up on things.

You have become just as loud as your siblings, which makes for a pretty loud zoo around here sometimes.

You are the baby of the house that everyone wants a turn holding.

You always go to sleep with your monkey blankie.

You are going through a stage where you want Mommy and snuggle right in.

You do not like to be awakened and are quite the cranky thing if you don't wake on your own.

You have a smile the melts hearts all around.

Apple cinnamon Cherrios are your favorite.

You have started drinking from a sippie cup.

I do not want you to walk yet. Daddy practices with you, but I discourage it. I want you to remain a baby.

I thought about these things on this day, and I want you to remember them 10, 20, or 30 years from now.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

To be a kid again...

Oh how I loved Saturday mornings as a child when I would sit and watch cartoons. Then once I outgrew cartoons it was Saved by The Bell. Seems like so long ago. Funny to see my own children on a Saturday morning watching cartoons.

Wow, look at this hair! Leia's hair has definetely grown. And it is out of control when she wakes up. Even Logan said the other day, "Mama, you need to conrol her hair. It is crazy." But she's so cute with her wild hair.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoys this awesome weather that God has blessed us with. Aaron and Lisa flew in this afternoon. We are planning on haning outdoors tonight, playing, conversing, eating some yummy food, and Leia meetting Aunt Lisa and Uncle Aaron.