Thursday, April 14, 2011


David sent me this article that he came across this morning.  Try and imagine his "subject" title in the heading of the email this morning.  I think it read "Idiot article about adoption."  That is about right.  Whether you are pro adoption or not, this article beats all I have ever seen.  Take a look for yourself and read the article here.

To think this child will be better off in a boarding school with no loving interaction is pure insanity in my mind.  A child not loved will not thrive.  A child not loved will not know the hope of Jesus.  A child not loved will not know the about the love that Jesus gives.  I mean, people really think that you don't need love????  I will have to make the assumption that the writer of this article was not loved as a child and this is their way of saying "I made it and had better advantages than others who were loved and dirt poor."  How sad that people think they do not need love, don't need to be loved, don't need to show love.  It is a necessity of life.  It is a proven fact that people who are loved and love have better outcomes after surgery, when diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses, and so many other things.

"And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love."  1 Corinthians 13:13

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spiderman Invades X 2

I love the weekends because my hubby is home!!!  Daddy is home!!!  And things always go so much smoother with Daddy around.  This morning when I got up, I decided Olivia and I would take a couple hours and have some fun hitting some yard sales.  We found some clothes for Logan and Leia.  We didn't find any treasures for Olivia, and she was super disappointed about this.  Superheros seemed to be the "one man's trash, 2 little boys' treasure" today.  We came across three yard sales selling super hero costumes.  Olivia and I thought the boys could use these since they love to play dress up with her and all we have are Princess dresses....that makes for some pretty funny dress up time.  Olivia just knew they would be ecstatic and boy were they.  I could hardly put my purse down before they were begging to try them on.
Who's Who??

We had a wonderful Saturday, and it was so much more enjoyable because all my chores were done.  My wonderful hubby helped mop yesterday afternoon while I finished cleaning the bathrooms, and Olivia and Logan helped do all the other cleaning yesterday morning.  I can say, until tonight, all of the laundry was washed, dried, folded, and hung.....there was nothing in the baskets!!!!!!  Well, you know how that goes, both the dark and white basket are almost full again...and the cycle begins again. 
It was so beautiful outside and warm too.  Olivia and I broke a sweat this morning while out and about the town.  The caterpillars are out, and there will soon be butterflies abound.  The kids sat in awe on the driveway watching one lonely caterpillar make his trek across the pavement. 
I gave four people haircuts today.  I was rewarded with a Sonic drink after that.  I mean after the money we saved on all the haircuts I was able to justify to my husband that by paying me with a Sonic drink he still saved a lot of money.  He laughed, but still treated us all to Happy Hour!!! 

So, I am almost finished with Leia's Easter Dress.  The only thing I have left is the zipper and hemming it.  It turned out super cute.  While I should be working on them this evening I think I will take a break and watch a movie with my hubby...yes, that sounds much better than sitting at the sewing machine.  I am sure I will pay for this one night this week when I am frantically trying to finish Olivia's at the last minute (because we need them for this next weekend for pictures with my family in Clarksville).

One last thing, please head on over here, a dear friend from Jr High School's blog, and check out this chic apron giveaway.  Calley and I were good friends in Jr. High and then she moved back to Louisiana and we lost touch.  Funny thing, almost two years ago she was in Little Rock visiting her mother and ran into my mom in Chic Fil A.  She recognized my mom and they called me from the restaurant and we chatted.  We exchanged numbers, emails, etc and have kept up with each other since then.  Her and her husband felt God calling them to adopt during that time but had not started the process.  Well, they began the paperchase one year ago and have sent their dossier to Peru.  They are currently awaiting a referral for their little girl from Peru.  God Bless you Calley and Danny.  She will be one blessed little girl, and, I speak from experience, you will be more blessed for having her in your life. 
Danny and Calley
(they have 3 little boys too)

Chic Apron Calley is Giving Away

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fork Stabbing Pro

You would think she has been doing this for months, when in fact today was her first try at using a fork.  She rocked!!!  I will have to say that she only ate the last few bites using her took her a little longer than normal.

She sure is proud of herself...and she cheeses it up when she sees the camera.  You can tell we don't take any pictures of her or anything.

A typical morning of eating breakfast together...Logan was actually gone to DaySchool this morning, so he ate before everyone else and was already at school.

I have to make sure that the TV doesn't stay on because Carson and Leia love to watch TV (well, so do the other two but not like Leia and Carson).  They are allowed to watch 2 shows in the morning.  This morning Leia snuggled up on the couch with her baby doll and Logan's blankie while Olivia and I were doing school and Carson was playing.  I am surprised she stayed in the living room by herself, but she was perfectly content.

We are so ready for Spring.  It has visited us a few times and then left us cold with drafty wet days.  The teasing makes us want it so much more.  Today was beyond beautiful and the weekend is supposed to be just the same.  The kids played outside from the time they got up from their nap to dinner time, and they were back out as soon as they finished eating and were excused from the table.  What an incentive it was for them to eat everything on their plate and not take two hours to do so.  They finished up their evening eating homemade chocolate chip cookies that they helped make this afternoon.  Their afternoon snack was huge spoonfuls of cookie dough.  I know, I know, I shouldn't let them eat it with the raw eggs.  I have done it my entire life and have never gotten sick; I hate to deprive them of such a delicacy.  It is such mouthwatering goodness.

And Leia says- I ate my cookie all up and thought I needed some more.  But Mommy and Daddy thought otherwise.  They also thought I needed to stay inside while everyone else went outside and got to eat more than one cookie.  Oh well...I got to play without anyone taking anything from me and had Mommy and Daddy all to myself.  Then I got to splish splash in the bath with sissy.  Night, Night!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


French Toast
2 slices of low calorie wheat bread
(I use Honey Wheat by Sara Lee)
1 egg
Vanilla extract to your taste
1/2 smashed banana
Sugar free syrup
Fruit of choice

This recipe is for 1 person and is 5 Weight Watchers Points Plus Points.

Smash the banana, beat the egg, then mix both ingredients, then add your vanilla.  Spray your already heated griddle with cooking spray.  Cook til done.  I quadruple this recipe for my family.

David and I have started eating way healthier since the beginning of February.  It has been a change, but we have not been deprived of yummy foods.  You just have to be innovative with things and come up with healthier alternatives that taste just as yummy.  Hope you enjoy!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Will You Do It? Or Will You Ignore It?

A simple statement could change the thinking of the world.  Will you make a statement or come up with excuses of why you can't do this?  Are you in or out?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Shop for Mother's Day

I will have to say that I have met some amazing people through Adoption, and this family is no different.  Tiffany and I became friends through Facebook and have chatted hours on the phone and have an amazing connection.  They adopted their first child from Taiwan and have started the journey to their second child that they hope to adopt from the same orphanage as their son. 
You can read all about their journeys here.  But I will give the short rundown. 
Richard was a preacher at a church in California and Tiffany was a school teacher.  Several things happened that led them to have the opportunity to move to Kosovo for 6 months where they did mission work.  Tiffany helped set up a school there.  They returned back to the states after living abroad for 6 months and moved back to their home state of Missouri.  They moved back in December and Richard has been actively looking for a full time job all while doing odd jobs to pay the bills.  Tiffany was unable to find a teaching job during the middle of the school year, but does have some prospects for this next fall.  They have all this uncertainty in this world we live in day to day but yet they follow God's call to proceed with their second adoption and have FAITH that HE will PROVIDE!!!!!  So many wait for the funds to be there before they ever start the process.  If we all did that then A LOT of orphans would never make it home.
All this said, Richard and Tiffany are starting an Adoption Auction tonight at midnight!!!  I cannot wait to see all the goodies they are going to have.  Start your Mother's Day shopping a little early and help an orphan while doing so.  You will see lots of items up for auction that have been donated by Adoptive Families.  Add their button to your blog and help spread the word...and get to bidding!!
                                                            The Jetts Adoption Auction

Sewing Daze


I wish I were a very good seamstress.  Truth be told, I am not very good at it unless it is blankets, burp know square items that I don't need a pattern for.  I can sew but I cannot for the life of me understand the pattern instructions.  They are in another language!!
All that being said, I know I will not improve if I do not practice.  So, I will pick it up again and try some little girls' dresses.  I have not sewn a dress since Olivia was 18months old.  I have made a few skirts and baby items but that is about it.  I am making Olivia and Leia's Easter dresses. 
I didn't feel like doing much today, but did get Leia's dress cut out.  Hers is the easy one because I didn't need to make any sizing adjustments.  Olivia's I will tackle next week.  These are supposed to be easy patterns.  My goal is to finish one this week and one next week, with one week to spare before Easter!! 
Maybe, I can become more accomplished in sewing and do this one day with my daughters...

Stay tuned for our Easter pictures, including 2 hand-made dresses.......