Thursday, March 31, 2011

Garage Sale


Our garage has been packed for months....well, I am beginning to think almost a year.  I am so ready to be able to park my car in there again.  I never thought I would be one of those people to fill a garage with stuff.  But when you are constantly preparing for a garage sale where is a girl to store the goods....nothing less than my garage.  I think David and I have reorganized piles more than a dozen times, only to pack more in there. 
All of our other garage sales the last 3 years have to raise funds for our adoptions.  Well, this garage sale is not too different, it is again to raise funds for a cause.  While we have been selling jewelry and other misc items, that money is to be used for the people in Costa Rica.  Now this garage sale is to help fund our expenses to be able to travel to Costa Rica. 
So, tonight will be our final run through the house to make sure we have everything in the garage for the sale.  I am amazed at all the things we find here and there to put in the sale.  And, my hubby has finally agreed to let the XBOX go!!!  All I had to do was ask....and he said YES!!  He never plays it anyways except during the holidays.  Maybe we will make a few bucks with it and the slew of games he has accumulated.  And I will alas have extra room in the entertainment center for the ever growing Disney movies.
If you are local you should stop by and see us Saturday morning.  We will have tons of baby/children's items, solid oak computer desk, home decor, and tons more.  And my mom will be bringing items as well.  So, if you get a chance come and see us.  Well I better start my final run through of the house because tomorrow will be pricing and organizing day.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Expand Your Spring Wardrobe

Warmer temperatures are coming!!!!  And you have been thinking about buying a few new things to add to your Spring and Summer collection.  Shop from the ease of your home all while being a part of bringing an ORPHAN home to their FOREVER family.
Jen Chase is a friend I met through blogland over a year ago.  We have traveled the adoption journey together.  She was suck a constant supporter when we were waiting for Leia's referral and while we waited to bring her home into our hearts forever.  Jen and her husband started their journey with the thought of adopting from Taiwan; God soon directed their hearts to Africa.  They have been on a roller coaster ride ever since they started.  They were trying to bring home a sibling set of 2 home from Ethiopia, but since all the changes that are taking place in Ethiopia they are now planning for one.  They pray God brings 2, but they have decided at this time that it will be better to try for one since the need for one at a time is so much greater.  These children are often abandoned and there is no record of where other siblings are located. 
Since they have made this change they are expecting a referral MUCH sooner and are fervently trying to raise the necessary funds that will be needed to pay the agency at the time of the referral. 
By purchasing any of the t-shirts you will be a part of bringing home an orphan.  We are not all called to adopt but we are all commanded to care for the orphan (James 1:27).  So, please head on over to her blog here.  And if you hurry up and order before April 8th you will receive the introductory price of $18.00, and that includes shipping!
Take a look at her blog and tell me what color you guys think I should order for myself.

You can even pick the country you want on the shirt!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Love One Another

Liv and I are always singing this song around the house.  She has been able to sing this word for word since she was very little.  The boys even know it.  It has to be one of my all time favorite church songs.  I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.  God is LOVE!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Check this out

If you haven't already, please become a follower of my other blog.  Click here to check it out.  My mom and I work together making jewelry, key fobs, and custom orders.  All proceeds go directly to directly to helping the needs of others.  We are scheduled to travel to Costa Rica mid May, Lord-Willing.  A church has donated money that we have used to purchase Spanish Bibles.  With the money that we have raised we will be able to see to the physical needs of "the least of these." 
We are anxiously waiting for our t-shirt design to be completed by our printing company and get that adoption fundraiser launched.  I think you are going to like them. 
You can also check us out on Facebook, search for Making Footprints and like our page and you will automatically receive our updates.
Go here to see all the new key fobs we just finished.  If you see something you like send us an email to
Here is a peak at the fobs.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday and Gotcha Day

Dearest Carson, I do not think we would have had the laughs and giggles that we have had the past 3 years if you had not been a part of our lives.  You are the giggliest little boy.  You have a chuckle so deep that you can cause anyone to laugh with you.  You are such an amazing little boy, all on your own when you want to be, and other times you are a parrot of your siblings : )
Three years ago I sat in a delivery room with your birth mother and was the recipient of one of the most precious gifts in my life.  I watched as she held you first and the love in her eyes will never leave my mind.  I watched the tears pour down her face as she kissed you, held you, and then handed you to me.  I know she is remembering your birthday today, too.  She loves you so much.  She gave me one of the best gifts in my life.  We all cried bittersweet tears, tears of happiness that you were now ours, and tears of sadness for her heartache.  I feel a tightness in my chest and throat every time I think of her.  She did an amazing thing by choosing to give life to you.  Oh, she loves you so much.
You are such a loving little boy.  You constantly tell me throughout the day that you love me and squeeze my leg.  I hope you do that forever.  It melts my heart.  And you are such a stinker and say it when you are in so much trouble.  You have grown so much in the past year.  We have had major milestones.  You have been potty-trained since last Spring and you never ever wet the bed at night...I didn't think that was possible for a 2-3 year old.  You love to be tickled and wrestle on the floor with Daddy.  You are like me and are not much of an ice cream person, unlike the rest of this family.  And you love some salsa just like your mama.  We are trying to teach you to be your own person, because you can be a parrot and that gets you in trouble sometimes when you have parroted something naughty that your siblings have done.  I will have to say that you are still quite the messy eater, but are gradually getting better.  You love cookies and milk and will eat any kind of fruit.  I think you would eat just about anything but you seem to think you need to eat what your big brother is eating, and his diet is limiting (per his choice).  You love to play with animals and anything that has wheels on it.  But, all toys that have wheels end up losing are a mechanic who takes things apart never to get them back together.
Our singing service at church is so much more beautiful when I hear your sweet voice give it all that you have got.  And you try so hard to pray like your brother and sister, but we still have a hard time understanding what all you are telling God, but He knows.
I love that you still climb up in my lap and sunggle like a baby.  You love to snuggle.  But, I must say you are quite the grouch when you wake from a nap.  
You have given us an amazing three years and I pray God blesses me with many more years of your love and laughter.  You give your love so freely.  I love you sweet boy.  You are one of my four treasures that are embedded into the deep corners of my heart.  I love you.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Now

So what now?  You know they are out there, you know they are starving, they are dying, and they are living without, what now???

What will you do?  Will you now change the world for ONE...just ONE, because if you change the world for ONE...and you change the world for ONE...and we all change the world for ONE, then there will be NONE!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sisterhood Bonding

Oh how Leia loves her Sissy.  She will cry for her to hold her, hug on her, kiss on her, follow her all through the house.  And Olivia loves every second.  They are tight, the two of them.  Olivia looks out for her like a "little momma."  She will feed her at the table if I am still up getting everyone's plates together.  She will change her diaper, and you never know she went and did it; she just takes care of it.