Wednesday, September 30, 2009


That is the amount that the car wash and yard sale brought in. That is almost enough for one plane ticket to Taiwan. Thank you so much to all that helped this past weekend with the car wash and garage sale. I know there were so many other things that you could have been doing, but you came out and helped us raise money to bring our baby girl home. We are so grateful and appreciative for all who helped, whether it was time, donations, or prayers. Thanks. Olivia, Logan, and Carson came to the car wash to help raise money for their baby sister. They held signs, waved to all the passerbys, and Olivia worked so hard washing cars. She didn't ever stop to play. I came to the wash after the sale and took her home to go to the bathroom. She asked me in the car how the sale went. I told her it was okay but that we would probably be doing another one. She told me that she had been working really hard and making lots of money. "Momma, I can keep washing cars and do another car wash to make lots of money to bring baby Leia home, so you don't have to do another yard sale," Olivia said.
We had so much stuff left from the yard sale that we plan to have another one on October 16 or 23. We have not set a final date yet. My mom has more items to out in the sale, and some others have said that they do as well. For all those who are local, Moe's in Benton has agreed to host a fundraiser for us. We will be doing that on Friday, October 16 from 5pm-9pm. We will be at the doors outside passing out little coupon/flyers telling customers that 10% of the sales during that 4 hour time period will be donated for our adoption. I have spoken with Larry, the owner of Larry's Pizza, about doing a fundraiser. I am to call him back tomorrow about what he might be able to do.
Logan has been praying by repeating after us for a month or so now, but tonight he started praying without being prompted for a few small sentences. Yay. He said,"Thank you God. Bring Baby Leia. Forgive sins. Daddy help me pray." It was so cute. Today was fun day at our house. So, needless to say, the house is a wreck. We went to the Fitness Center this morning, then had a picnic, played outside on their playhouse, did preschool work, watched part of Sound of Music, then we went to Chick-fil-A before church tonight. They had a very good time today. Wish all my chores would do themselves so I could do that everyday.
I found out yesterday that all of our documents have been translated and are in our file at His Hands. I was very excited about that. Not that it brings us any closer to getting Leia. But hopefully by us being completely paper ready before we get our referral, maybe we will get to travel quicker after we get referral. Anyways, that is all I have today.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Busy Busy

We have been so busy the last week an half. Last week Lisa, Aaron, Kevin, and Morgan were here visiting. We went camping over Labor Day weekend. I posted all the pictures on my facebook. The kids had a blast. David and I had fun too, but it is a lot of work to camp with three little ones. And there is no way to keep everyone clean for even a minute. Hopefully every camping trip will gradually get a little easier. We plan on making them more often. The kids loved being outside. All Logan wanted to do was ride in the boat with Pappaw or Papa, whoever would take him. Olivia loves to fish, so does Logan. And Carson, he just played in the dirt. We enjoyed visiting with everyone and wish it was more often.
David has had to work a lot of late nights last week and this week. So glad this doesn't happen very often. The kids and I are missing him like crazy. Feel like I haven't seen him in over a week. His project is due in the morning, so hopefully our family time will be back to normal.
We are busy working on getting our items priced for our fundraiser yard sale. I think we may have some more items coming. Everyone please pray that it will be a prosperous sale, as we really need to raise some money for this adoption. I have been looking at flights, and prices are higher than when I looked in the spring. Next week I am going to make our signs for the fundraiser car wash that is to be located at Ferguson drive in Benton. We really need some volunteers to help us run the car wash. All the ones I have seen there have always been really busy. And so far we have had no volunteers. Please, if anyone can, come out and help us.
I spoke with the manager at Moe's grill and he said they will help us with a fundraiser. We pick a date and a 4 hour increment, we hand out flyers that customers hand to the cashier, and 10% of all sales during that time period will be donated to us. AWESOME! I finally got an answer from the Sonics here, and they do not have any fundraiser cards to donate. While Lisa was here she told me that the director of the bank where she works own like 700 Sonics, so maybe we will have some luck that route. Once we get the yard sale and car wash done with I plan on making some items to take to a store in Sheridan to sale. We will see.
Our documents are being translated, should be finished. We paid for that this week, so one more thing down. Hopefully our baby girl will not have to stay in Taiwan for too long, and that will help with the cost as well. Keep praying for us that we will have all the funds to bring her home without having to put it on the credit card. Thanks to everyone who is praying for us.