Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cherry Limeade...Sonic?

Can we just say it is hot and I am craving some Cherry Limeade Sonic drinks!!  So, the other day when I was trying to think of a girly cupcake for a sweet nine year old at the Residencia de Vida here in Atenas, I was looking at my low stock of cupcake liners wondering what am I going to do with green liners...it is for a girl.
Some of you may have seen a picture on Facebook, but if you haven't then here is the final product.

I would love to share the recipe but I honestly can't.  I looked at about three different recipes online, worked with the ingredients I can find here, and then made up my own recipe.  I have some chicken scratch notes to see if I can duplicate this again.  So, if I make these again, I will try and make some better notes that can be shared.  

I thought they turned out super cute and were quite yummy too!  I think I need to make some homemade Cherry Limeade drinks this weekend.  The cupcakes didn't quite quench the craving I am having for that fizzy drink.

I dream of one day having a little pastry and dessert shop.  You know one of those dreams that are far more romantic on your head, the ones where you don't experience the labor intensive hours only to see you made $1.  I love to make pretty desserts and all because I have a dream, but until then I will serve anyone who is willing to eat my desserts from my home.  So, if you know me or live close to me I will make sure you gain a few pounds.  I can't keep all the desserts and bread that I make.  

Have a Sweet Tuesday!

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